How we manage our feelings and interact with others, often referred to as people skills, influences how we develop relationships, who we tend to connect with and how we make decisions. It has been well documented why we need to learn "people skills", often referred to as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Research shows that a child's Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is better predictor of adult achievement than a child’s Intellectual Intelligence or IQ (more on this in About EmoSocial).

While the appearance of EmoSocial is geared to a younger audience, EmoSocial is for everyone. Welcome to a place to develop EQ and SEL by exploring emotions to "Feel it", and "See the Signs" of Social Cues to "Get Connections" and establish positive relationships to develop “Good Decision” making skills. EmoSocial helps people identify social signs, label feelings, and characterize connections with others to help map out decision making steps. Check out the Tour and see how it works.


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We encourage you take advantage of this interactive process to build and chronicle interpersonal and emotional development. Get connected to create, express and explore in the safe and friendly environment of EmoSocial.